Thursday, July 2, 2015

Creating My App with Yapp!

During my instructional app development, I researched and tried several different app builders, including Appy Pie, Appsbar, ZohoCreator, and App Inventor 2. With each one, I would get to a certain point during development and would unfortunately discover that the resource would not give me the options I was looking for or had too many limitations to work around. So I decided to try Yapp, and it is working well for me. There are definitely some limitations (for example, you can't create custom pages), but it is very easy to learn and navigate. What I really like about Yapp is the fact I can preview my new app on my iPhone and actually see a "live" version! As I make changes to my app on the Yapp site, I can publish the changes, so I can immediately load the newest version on my phone to see how the app looks with the recent modifications. Very neat feature!

1 comment:

  1. I'm right there with you! I have partial app designs in Appy Pie, Yapp, AppsBar, and App Inventor 2. Finally I went with MobinCube, which still doesn't let me do what I want (nothing short of learning actual programming would help), but it's just going to have to be close enough.

    The live preview is really a nice feature -- I wish MobinCube had that! Their emulator is terrible and you have to re-download the app after making changes (at least before it's published, anyway).