Friday, July 10, 2015

Remembering What is Most Important...

The past eight weeks have been a whirlwind.   My grad classes kept me very busy, and at times, too busy.  I can definitely say my family was neglected... A LOT.  My kids are not little (one is almost 16 and the other is 18), so I don't need to constantly be there to dress, feed, and put them to bed.  But, after thinking about it more, I really DO need to be there.  Not to help them dress or make their meals, but to talk with them and listen to what is going on in their lives.  My daughter is 15 1/2, so she desperately wants to practice driving.  She has a new boyfriend, and he is her first "love."  My son graduated from high school and is trying to figure out what classes to take at Cornell University in the fall.  For each of them, these are important times in their lives.  They need someone to talk to, someone who will listen, someone who will give them guidance and support.  For the past few weeks, that hasn't been me.  My laptop has actually become part of my lap.  I am ALWAYS on the computer working on homework or work-related projects.  But now that my classes are almost done, I need to remember what is most important.  Of course, work and school are important aspects of my life, but family should always come first.  I am looking forward to reconnecting with my family, helping my son prepare for the next chapter of his life in college, being a co-pilot for my daughter as she learns how to drive, providing support to my husband whose staff is currently struggling with three cancer-related illnesses and deaths.  I really haven't forgotten what is important... I guess I just needed to be reminded.

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