Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Let's All Work Wiggio!

I searched and searched for a collaboration site that I would actually want to use with my students.  Many of the free online sites were geared toward businesses and didn't fit the needs of students and/or teachers.  After reading several review sites, I finally found one I really liked:  Wiggio.  First of all, the name is super cool.  And second, the site was beta-tested at Cornell University, which is where my son is going in the fall. Those two reasons pushed me to investigate Wiggio further, and I am glad I did.  

Wiggio has a basic and intuitive structure that allows even the least-techy person to be immediately productive in the site.  Wiggio has a lot of similar features to other collaboration sites, but there are several unique features I found that definitely set Wiggio apart from the rest.  One such feature is the To-Do List. Students can create a to-do list, set due dates for each item on the list, and then assign tasks to group members.  Group members even received notifications (email and/or texts) when they have been assigned a task as well as reminders about the due dates for their tasks.  My students often complain about assigning tasks to group members and keeping track of those assignments.  Wiggio would be a great tool for this!  I also really liked the fact that Wiggio continuously keeps group members in the loop through emails and text messages, so everyone knows about group meetings, due dates, and when information is added to the group space in Wiggio.  Since students don't check emails as frequently as they do texts, I like the idea of using texting as the main communication tool, and Wiggio offers this.    

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I will be attending a workshop on Google Classroom which I feel will be not as cool as some of the collaborative sites that have been discussed on Blackboard. Wiggio might be the path I take!